Winning words in Effective Telemarketing

words1Ever heard the saying “The pen is mightier than the sword?” Well, in marketing, you are facing a war with different kinds of companies, that are in the same services as you. So what’s the best way to defeat this rivals of yours? Through content writing or through words.

You may be wondering, “Words? Writing? It’s easy” Yes, it’s easy, but have you ever persuaded a tough prospect? Or have you ever won an argument without ever studying the topic at hand? Basically, it isn’t easy to persuade someone who treats you like you’re a creep.

Words can bring a massive crowd or can persuade people to think for themselves. Of course the only flaw in this, if you can construct words that can make people believe in what you’re saying, which is hard for us to do lately.


Telemarketing isn’t a stranger to us, especially with prospects.

Most of our job depends on cold-calling or interacting with prospects over the phone, so basically cold-calling is one thing that we couldn’t get rid off, even if we want to. So what kind of words we should use and avoid so that we can get prospects’ attention? Well, here are some words you should use and avoid, in order to persuade and get prospects’ attention.

There are no powerful words

If you’re thinking, I’ll hand out handsful of words that you can use with your telemarketing strategy, Sorry to burst your bubble, but there’s none. Words can be as powerful as it can, if you can use it right. In telemarketing, Words are just one factor that can make you close a sale, the other is the product you produce. Words can be manipulative and misunderstood, that’s why prospects will decline your offer.

You can use any words that are applicable in where you’re standing, may it be in a meeting or an interview. There’s nothing wrong in saying words that can help you get a sale. Remember you only have 10 seconds to impress prospects. So be on your feet and start practicing on what to say.

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