Why it’s important to know your ABC’s in Telemarketing

Why it’s important to know your ABC’s in TelemarketingAdd headingHave you’ve encountered someone who uses the saying “Know Your ABC’s?” and I bet you’re a little confuse why they’re using that saying. Well, let me shed a little light to it. First of all, the saying “Know Your ABCs” means that you need to know the basic. Of course, in this blog, I’ve added the word Telemarketing. By this, it lets you have a thought on what my blog will all be about, and that’s the basic fundamental of Telemarketing.

Let’s have a little history about telemarketing, First it was started by housewives that was trying to find a cookie buyers, but it isn’t used that much. By 1965, telemarketing began to make a name in the world, and by 1970 it is widely recognized and as to this day, telemarketing is still the most popular method in bringing sales.


An uproar against telemarketing calls grew in 2003, the uproar was so loud that the legislator took notice and act. The act was mainly to prevent people getting phone calls from a telemarketer, especially aggressive telemarketer. The law is the Do-Not-Call Registry Act of 2003, enabling anyone to register their phones so that they won’t receive any calls from telemarketers.

But still, some companies rely on Telemarketing to make a sale, but it is still an option for some businesses.


Replace face-to-face selling to existing accounts.

Can be used to sell goods or services independently, with no field sales force in place.


Companies can compile and update lists of customers and go through these lists searching for sales leads. Telemarketing can screen the leads and qualify them accordingly, passing the best leads to the field sales force for immediate action.


Provide accurate information on advertising, what customers are buying, from whom they’re buying, and when they will buy again. It also used in conducting surveys.


Telemarketing is also used in customer service. Companies can go a long way toward keeping their clients/Customers happy.

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