Think before you speak! Telemarketing isn’t a laughing matter


“You may think it’s all fun and games, but telemarketing isn’t a laughing matter, especially when money is involved.”

Telemarketing has been around for decades, and it’s still effective as it was back then. Marketers use telemarketing as a mean to promote what kind of services or product they’re selling or provide. But somehow, with all the changes around since the first usage of telemarketing, it seems that it’s slowly becoming more inaccurate and useless for companies to get a telemarketing firm. Why? Because it seems like a joke nowadays

Although the purpose of telemarketing is to help companies get what they ask for, it seems that some telemarketer is thinking way much. For example, Telemarketers will boast about how they seal the deal, but in reality, they are just scaring people away. Which isn’t the proper usage of cold-calling


There are speculations going around that telemarketing will soon come to its end. Well, maybe not this year or next year but soon. Telemarketing will come to its end and the reign of two marketing strategy will take the marketing world by storm.

So why are there such speculation about telemarketing? Well, if you haven’t read the newspaper or any article  for that matter, and that’s why it has been used in a felony act, like scamming.


As a former-telemarketer, I could say that you must think before speaking. Yes, you have a script to follow. Yes, you got everything you need right in front of you. But don’t let it fool you, Cause no matter how prepare you are. You can’t predict what will happen when you are on the phone.

So Think before you speak, or else. You might offend the prospects or a valuable customer.

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