The Yellow in Telemarketing

The Yellow In Telemarketing
In Psychology, Yellow signifies being optimistic, fun, good-humored, confidence, originality, creativity, and challenging. Although yellow bear this kind of traits, it also has a negative side, which are being critical, judgmental, pessimistic, cowardly and many more. This is why Networker, like Telemarketer is given the color yellow.

Telemarketing is one of many marketing strategy used by businesses around the world. With its effectiveness in making sale talks to prospects or client, it was ranked number two in being successful in sealing the deal, as Email marketing came in first.


Yellow is the new black


Have you ever seen a telemarketer at work? Of course, you might have imagined what kind of work they’re doing. But if you observe them in person and up close, you’ll  realize that  being a telemarketer isn’t an easy job. You are given only one chance to have or be successful and if that didn’t work, Well, let’s just say it will put your moral a little  down. Of course, as time passes by you’ll never acknowledge it as such.


Although there are some who uses Telemarketing as a mean of cheating prospects or clients out of their money, without ever giving real service. Prospects are becoming hesitate whether to trust a telemarketer. This puts telemarketing on the wrong side of the marketing industry.


Telemarketing won’t Back Down


Like the color yellow, Telemarketers won’t easily give up on what they’re doing. They’ll push hard and they’ll give the best services they could possibly do or take. Doubting a Telemarketer is normal, you don’t know them. But what you can do is understand them that it’s a part of a job that keep them alive. Yes, they’re a little bit annoying, but truth be told, Every job has a certain part of annoyance. Like, a construction man working on a project or a slow chef cooking food for twelve people.

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