The Manifestation of Traditional Sales Strategies in Telemarketing

A lot of traditional sales strategies are still used in telemarketing. Some of these strategies are even used by professionals from different fields of discipline in persuading others. Or, you might have use them yourselves. Let us explore them!

Traditional Sales Strategies in Telemarketing


Sometimes, a customer is doubtful whether to avail the product or service you are offering. Or more often, there’s just no logical reason for him to buy it. To provide the logic in this situation, flowery words is thought of to persuade the customer. In the case of B2B marketing, this might take into saying that it would really be a huge hit in the most positive sense to the other business if the client being persuaded at hand would consider making a deal.

Constructed Shortage

You often equate this sales strategy to the words Limited Offer Only or Until Supplies Lasts. Advertisement and marketing often do the works to show that the product or service is limited so people should rush their money to buy it. A picture of upcoming scarcity is painted so suppliers are stockpiling their items. In relation to B2B marketing, you can compel clients to get their hands fast in setting appointments under the condition of constrained slot or time.

Idealistic Essence

Make it feel cozy like home or a luxurious five star hotel and will buy it yourself. In sales, whether you are just selling a pizza, you really have to feature that your product is the best having gone through a meticulous process and is perfect in every kitchen, party or snacks. Similarly in telemarketing, you have to make the client feel that what you have to offer is simply the best that they can get.

The Emotional Play

Appealing to emotion is the psychology of any good sales person as well as a marketer. This makes anyone understand someone’s feeling fully while feeding them bit by bit of interest and coax them in the sales or lead trap.


Make them feel they badly need your service. Show some research or facts to validate this in order to eradicate their doubts.


Make them feel like they are special and because of that, they will feel oblige to listen. Convince them that they will never get across such a great opportunity for their business you’re readily offering.

In B2B marketing or even in any businesses, these strategies operates effectively if you play it right. Talking it smooth in telemarketing paves an easy sales process.

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