Telemarketing: When Bad luck approach, welcome it with open arms!

Telemarketing- When Bad luck approach, welcome it with open arms! Add headingIt’s that time of the month again when Friday falls under the thirteenth. Although this is just your ordinary day, to some it’s where bad luck comes to hunt them down. Especially to those who really believe in bad luck.

In telemarketing, Bad luck is common to them. They greet it with open arms if I do say so, if not, they don’t dwell on it that much. Of course, if your job is to close a sale or have a call volume quota of two hundred plus, they don’t have time to dwell on the superstitions that aren’t real. They’re too busy with reaching their quota rather than having a day full of fear because it’s Friday the thirteenth.


Although being able to witness in-person of a bad luck happening within our workplace, we still think that it’s just coincidence or someone is playing a trick. But of course, Friday the thirteenth has been just your ordinary day from the start. Even if it bears the mark of bad luck. Some don’t have time to mind those things, or especially when you are on the verge of being fired.

It only becomes troublesome if you have a coworker that believe in superstitions, but remember that you can’t blame them for believing in bad luck. It just happened that your coworker experienced bad events in Friday the thirteenth.


Well, there are various reasons why some believe in superstition, and some doesn’t. So the following are some reason why few believe in superstition;

  • Superstition can be proven to be just coincidence or scientific
  • They don’t have the same impact as it was
  • They just let bad luck happen
  • Superstition manifest in your mind alone

Although there are some instances that cannot be explained, but of course, it’s for you to decide whether to believe or not, listen or cover your ears and walk out of this topic beforehand.

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