Telemarketing Reminder Tips

Ever since the dawn of lead generation and B2B marketing, the competition among telemarketing agencies inflated and the demand increased incredibly. Due the inclination mandated in looking for sales agent, outsourced companies tend to lose a few screws in hovering quality telemarketing standard. Telesales have dropped the survey among the review in US (ComScore 2014). The review detail out how Americans deploy their necessity when it comes to telemarketing and promotional offers. Since telemarketing contribute a substantial impact in B2B marketing, reminder tips from the experts tell us to follow a structure in promoting professional telemarketing.


Expressing empathy – most of the time a sales agent will call without knowing how to express gratitude to the client in answering the phone. Mostly they tend to indulge immediately in selling topic. This make the client sometime and most of them irritated because they will feel the agent don’t really care if they care or not.

Knowledge expertise – while on the call, most of the interested client left unanswered about the specific questions of the product or services. This make client decline the offer because the agent doesn’t make any sense about what he is saying. The response from their question sometimes left hanging by.

Bad timing – outbound calls sometimes are a hassle because most of the calls are being routed to the voicemail. And those answered ones are in the bad timing, making client cringe over the telemarketer saying they are not interested. Well, it can’t be helped but most of Americans are busy in their schedules.

Overcoming objections – agent mostly give up especially if they already have the cue that the client will not buy their product. This becomes the habit of telemarketer which is really bad. Overcoming objections is the key in hard selling and winning that customer.

Well aside from what is mentioned above, there is still lot of room to improve the telemarketing abilities of your agents. Keep in mind that the success of your agent is the success of the company.

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