Telemarketing Problem: Race Doesn’t Tell If they’re great or not!

TechSupportServices510x255_tcm42-13225I was having trouble with some of my money transfer, so I called its customer support service. Of course, being strict and all, I need of a proper customer representative to help me out with my problem.

So as the phone conversation started, I ask what race he’s from. So He said he’s a Filipino, so I said to him that if he could put someone with fluent English. Then I was surprised when he said “I’m sorry, sir, but I can assure you that I can be the best person to help you out with your problem” of course, I was a little impressed when he said that but it didn’t stop me from testing him out.

After I ask what I wanted out of him, I asked him “Are you really Filipino? Why are you so good at speaking English?” then he replied “Yes, I am Filipino. And some Filipinos really study hard to speak in English as for me, I studied and applied it every single day of my life” after the call ended. I realized how wrong I was.


There’s no doubt about it now that there are some call center agents willing to do their job. Some take it into their hands to help clients with their problem.

But of course, we won’t forget that some telemarketing firm is willing to take everything away from you by force (I may be exaggerating a little) but some do commit fraud acts that’s why some people are using the DNC registry.


In some country, Call centers are generally the most useful job. It pays a lot to be a telemarketer or a call center agent. They know the risk they have to take and the skill they need to develop. While some are still trying to apply for a call center position, some are having a hard time in getting in. Because they are strict in hiring.

Don’t compare telemarketers to one another. Because some are unique in handling calls and some are just playing ignorant.

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