Telemarketing: Knowing who’s Hot, Warm or Cold

Telemarketing- Knowing who’s Hot, Warm or Cold

Every telemarketing firm usually makes 100 or more live calls, called decision makers, acquiring fresh contact emails and send reference materials to at least 100 contacts – a hard day at work if I do say so.

That’s a lot to handle – Unless you love doing that kind of work.

But ask yourself, Does all of this guarantee you a lead? Let’s find out shall we.

Leads have specific criteria before recognizing them as such. Below are the following classification of Leads and its criteria.

So what are these criteria, you say?, well, it’s the B.A.N.T lead qualifying system

Budget, Authority, Need and Time-frame.

Budget – Prospects has set or prepared a budget and it’s ready for disposal when a project proposal is approved by the management.

Authority – The prospect is the one in charge or the Recommender. Prospects should have the power to say the word “Yes” or “No” to the proposal.

Need – If Prospect Need is identified, this sends a signal of a brewing lead. Usually, the Need would always be on top of the qualifying questions in the telemarketing script.

Time-frame – The point period from the time you spoke with the prospect, to the planned time you and the prospects set for the implementation of the new product or services.


No one likes a cold soup on a cold night

Yes, this is still a lead, but it doesn’t meet all the criteria for it to be a lead that’s worth your while. It only supported some of the criteria due to the prospect’s agreement. Although you need to observe this kind of leads, because a business success doesn’t grow overnight. It takes time, effort, skills, strategies and tools to be able to reach your target result.


Well, I could still eat a hamburger without the lettuce and tomato.

This is a lead that lacks 1 or 2 criteria on top. The only thing that supports this as a warm lead is that the Need is identified and other qualified criteria should support the NEED. Usually, it would be either the Budget or Time Frame.

But don’t be saddened or disappointed, these leads are not a waste of your time. They can be nurtured and you might be surprised when they’ll contact you again.


Still fresh from the heat. Warming your inside

This meet all the criteria. But don’t be fooled by this. Because only few will be Hot Leads.

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