Telemarketing – It takes Two to Tango

I bet you’ve heard the idiom or saying “It takes two to tango” right? Of course you have, who hasn’t? Anyways, let me talk about that later and focus on the topic on hand, Telemarketing. In telemarketing, you are speaking with a prospect who is currently unknown to you. You only have a short or little business information about them and yet you’re still going to interact with them. The reason I pointed out the idiom “It takes two to tango” it’s because to get a sale, you and that prospect needs to be in sync, on the topic on hand. By that, you need to persuade or make them feel comfortable with you, before going aggressive.

Telemarketing- -It takes two to tango-Should you be the first to understand them?

I know some may think that it’s a waste of time to understand a person’s ideal, let alone you’re working as a telemarketer, where time is limited. But Imagine this:

“A client is looking for someone who can give them the best result by convincing them that they can do what the client is requesting. And that’s to make a sale talk without ever mentioning the price.” It’s hard, right?

But ask yourself this, “Why is that client looking for someone that can convince them without mentioning a price?” Well, for starters, Prices shouldn’t be mentioned when you’re still prospecting. Unless, the prospect mentioned it or asking for it first.

You’re unaware of who you’re talking to, you don’t know the personality of that person. So it’s best to stay calm and wait for them to make the first move. And accept if they say “Not interested or call me next time”.

So what do I need to know?
– Understand
Like I said before, Understanding them can help you understand why some prospects aren’t interested with your services or product.

– Wait
Wait for the right time to engage that prospect. Even if they decline your offer. Try emailing them beforehand if they’re still interested. Of course, do it monthly or every two months. Not every week.

Respect their decision, whatever may it be.

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