Telemarketing: Everyone can communicate, it’s just how you talk to them that matters

l_091There’s no doubt that communication skill is a must when you’re applying for a telemarketing job. But nevertheless, communication isn’t the only factor that can make prospect or client like you. One factor is how you use your communication skills, and this is the most important thing you should take into consideration.
It’s hard for us to communicate through phone, you can easily be
misunderstood or your voice isn’t clear enough to understand. But even though we face this kind of obstacle, we pursue what we wanted to do. And that’s to talk to people over the phone.

The Problem of Telemarketing

A lot of you may encounter a telemarketer calling you for a donation or verifying if you’re the right person in their record and a lot of you ask customer services for help when you experience some problems about their services.

Well, doesn’t it seem a little odd that once we ask help or seek for help, we seldom yell or get mad at the person on the other side(Customer Service Representative) and if we receive a phone call from a telemarketer, we still get mad because they’re annoying.

But have you ever seen a telemarketer or Customer service support take its time to actually have a real conversation to their respecting clients or prospect?

How Talking to Prospects Helps

Usually, it takes 3 to 5mins for a regular phone call, but it doesn’t hurt having a conversation more than that. If you can’t resolve any of the customers problems, you need to take into consideration that you need to help them in order for them to be satisfied, this is what my friend did. His phone call lasted for 20 mins, and he resolved the customer problem that even the supervisor can’t resolve.

Sometime a long talk can help clients or prospects understand where you’re going on about. It doesn’t hurt if your call lasted 20 mins or so. If you provided them with solutions or even ended a call with positive call result

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