Telemarketing Advice: There are Some Words that’s unbearable to hear

I guess you’re wondering why some of your clients or prospects doubt you or hang up on you, well; there are two reasons for that and that is;

1.) They don’t know you or your company

2.) You’ve said something that’s unbearable to hear.

Welcome to Telemarketing!

It’s true that telemarketing is one job that can stress people out, caller and clients alike. Some callers will just comply their training if they want to, and some clients or prospects will test the callers if they have sufficient knowledge about the company they are representing. And this only covers a small portion of what telemarketing is.

Telemarketing Advice- There’s Some Words that’s unbearable to hear1Of course, who would be captivated with simple and basic words.. But even if its simple or basic, it still helpful if you think about it.  Most people don’t even want to communicate with others, and if they did, they use simple and basic words. But then again, no one would think that you’re being professional or serious if you keep on using these basic and simple words.


There are words that can captivate your audiences, some use elegant and extravagant words other use sweet words while some use businesses words. But of course, you need to know when to use some of these words.

If you’re courting someone you like, sweet words are the right choice, if you’re doing business, then you must know some business oriented words or can use clever wordings.

The words you use are what makes a person listen, even if these words are hard to understand or simple to use. Words that have meaning and feelings works well even if your word of choice isn’t that quite captivating.

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