Telemarketing Advice: Avoiding Lawsuit like a boss

TTelemarketing Advice- Avoiding Lawsuit like a bossoo much aggressiveness may lead you to a lawsuit, this is what happened to a fellow telemarketing company that violated the no-call law and took a huge portion of the money that were supposed to be for charity case, this put telemarketing in a bad image again.

Telemarketing has been around since I was born. Even then, telemarketing firm took advantage of people, mostly elderly, that they can trick into buying fake health insurance or donating money for charity. But after all those things, there’s an uprise of telemarketing firms around the world. Why? Because it is the most effective and most useful strategy when it comes to communicating with prospects around the world.

Avoiding lawsuits that can ruin your telemarketing firm image might be hard for some telemarketing company that is already in a lawsuit, but you can still save that company image if:

  • You can change the way you act
  • You can prove to them that you can change
  • You accept that lawsuit positively and offer to change or refund the money (Which is hard)
  • You can appoint someone who can save your company (A trusted Employee or Friend)

But of course, the owner will have to spend jail time or pay a huge amount of money in order for them to be released


It’s easy to avoid lawsuits, but the only problem is, If you can. There are people who are easily tempted by money, of course, I am one of those people who are easily tempted by money, but the only difference between me, and those people are, that I am contented with what I have and I know that money  can’t really bring me happiness.

I guess this blog only tackle Telemarketing firm owners or company that is already committing violations that can harm their company, this include its employee career.

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