Telemarketing – A Savvy way to spice things up with prospects

Untitled designIn romance, you need to spice things up with your Significant Other in order to make the relationship last long, but when it comes to marketing, surely you’ve thought of a way to spice things up with how you interact with your clients or prospects? If not, then you’re missing out a lot.

Nowadays businesses rely on trust and commitment, just like in a relationship with your Significant Other. Without those two, you’ll be looking at yourself in the mirror and say “I wish I could go back and start all over again” Usually occur in Telemarketing.

Nevertheless, you are still trying to spice things up with your prospects, everyone is a beginner, no one is truly an expert when it comes to relationship goals or marketing strategy. Primarily because, every one of us starts at the bottom. So how can one spice things up with prospects when you are using telemarketing as a medium?


Understanding gestures, and timing

Ever notice when you’re talking over the phone, you’ll realize that, your voice is horrible or that your tone of voice isn’t in the right pitch. But sadly, that’s only a minor problem. The real problem is getting out there and understand that you aren’t alone with this type of situation. You might have overheard some group of friends in a bar talking about their jobs and realized that you go it better than them.

Time is limited, that’s a given, but understanding? Not so. We have much allotted time in understanding our prospects or client’s needs, but we are to focus on sales that we forget that they’re having a difficult time too.


Commitment and Trust

Ever notice why prospects don’t look interested with you? It’s because you don’t sound interested with them. This is one thing that prospects are looking for in a business. If you don’t sound  interested with them, then they’ll probably assume you’re not ready for commitment and trust towards their company. I know there are times that you might feel bored and lazy that you tend to sound uninterested, I can’t judge you for that. I can only tell you is this, You are working for a company or own a company that is in need of clients or sales. Would you let your company down? Because you aren’t going to bring a hundred and one percent with you?


Telemarketing is an art form of communicating over the phone, it takes a lot of skills to make prospects like you over the phone. The only thing that can help you are: your tone of voice, choice of words and how well you interact with them.

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