Bad Telemarketing Habits You Need To Avoid

Bad Telemarketing Habits You Need To AvoidThe objective of a marketer, especially a telemarketer is to hit a certain target. All the pressure are on the shoulder of a telemarketer to bring in sales. Of course, this means that some might undergo a spree of bad habits montage out of desperation to make a closing sale. This isn’t what a telemarketing firm wants.

We all been there and done those horrible bad habits you’ve undergone through. Every telemarketer undergoes this kind of habits, it’s normal, but it needs to stop for the sake of your company’s name and your career.

Bad Habit, Bad for business. Here are some bad habits you need to avoid

Making the call sound scripted, too scripted

Telemarketers make more than a hundred calls a day, it’s natural that you’ll memorize the script given to you and then just continue saying those until your shift is over. Well, if you want to hit your target, I suggest you need to change the way you sound or some words in your script. Paraphrasing can help but keep in mind that it may be tricky to change what is already in your mind.

Speaking too fast

This is one habit that needs to change right away, and yes I mean it. Prospects will hang up if you’re speaking too fast. Remember that no one can understand a person who speaks so fast. Be clear and try to get to the point slowly or cautiously. Remember a prospect will ask questions that you need to answer honestly and clearly.

Background noise

Remember that it’s hard to hear when there’s noise coming from different directions. And when that happens, your prospects will keep on saying “What?” or “Say that again” and we don’t want that do we?


Prospects hate to be lied to, especially when money is involved. If you can’t deliver, then say it’s not a 100% guarantee, but you will keep them updated weekly. Prospects want an honest telemarketer, not a lying one


Arguing doesn’t get you anywhere, especially when you’re arguing with a prospect. You might win the argument but lost your career. Remember that “Customers are always right” even if they aren’t, just lower your pride for this, and moved on.

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