5 ways to improve your telemarketing skills

5 ways to improve your telemarketing skillsWonder why some of your colleagues in telemarketing is much more productive than you? You might wonder that they might have a secret on to why they’re getting so higher closing rate than you? But the sad part is, there’s no secret in telemarketing, this I can assure you.

There’s no secret, only skills and techniques to attain success. Remember that you need to get to the point of your call, any hesitation can cost you a presentation as the person may just hang up without warning.

Planning is Everything

Planning is everything, you don’t just rush towards a battlefield without planning right? Everything needs to be planned out and once you do, you can be aware of what might happen. Research and research until you think you have enough information.

Strong Opening

Gather enough information as possible about the person you’ll be talking to, before calling them or make a note about them. This is one way to better tailor your opening sentence. One way to begin a conversation is with an exciting news on how they can save money on your a certain thing that is related to your product or service.

Use a script

Having a guide on what you will say can help you perform well. Having said this, you should avoid sounding like you’re just reading. Scripts must be well constructed or easy to follow to avoid saying the wrong words or misunderstanding.


Saying your goal on why you are calling can help clients or prospects to know why you are bothering them. But don’t feel sad if you got hung up, most prospects don’t want to be called during their business hour. That’s why some are calling them at night. Your objectives should be in the script to avoid forgetting them.

Closing skills

Finally, you need to have this kind of skill when you’re going for a sale or closing a sale. It’s not as easy as you think, most callers tend to forget to be on their best behavior. Some callers will become restless and will say things that aren’t applicable on the sales agreement. Remember that you need to be calm and well mannered when you’re talking to a prospect, you might get a chance to close a sale if you are kind and persuasive enough.

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