Basic Queries in Telemarketing

Basic Queries in Telemarketing

In each call by your telemarketing agent, one critical thing should be inquired. Why be so inquisitive? Would it be a truly good idea for you to keep asking similar questions in every call you got? Would it be alright for it to be all about your product, service or solution? Would it be preferable for it to sound like not all that pushy towards the recipient’s part? All things considered, data dependably originates from questions. Data is the center of the business in B2B marketing. Without asking, you’ll never grasp what will happen.

In telemarketing, you should not be weary of requesting for referrals, up-selling and obviously, inquiring as to whether is there anything else you can do for your prospect. It doesn’t just simply end in getting a single sale. You have to ask for referrals. Otherwise, it’s much the same as leaving cash on your way up.

In this regard, business owners might need to subject their telemarketer for monitoring. This is to guarantee that their conversation contains those fundamental inquiries for quality purposes. However, don’t be so tight on them. Keep in mind that they still hold the ability to get these data.

Asking comes with a package. It’s listening. Listening to your prospect is an equally vital aspect of the business. More than your product, service or solution, your business’ integrity per se is the one you should sell. Because when they buy from you, you likely sold them “yourself’ and not your product, service or solution. Customers purchase from individuals they appreciate, trust and acknowledge. Telemarketers will close more sales if they have the capacity listen to the client and offer them what they need and want instead of just going in on what’s available for sale; Transforming the call into a “How may I help you?” rather than a “Here’s my (product/service/solution)! Please buy some.”

12 Best Practices To Do When Choosing a B2B Telemarketing Agency (1 of 2)

12 Best Practices To Do When Choosing a B2B Telemarketing Agency (1 of 2)

Objectives, substantial knowledge, and strategy are important things that will help you in coming up with the best possible decision in looking for the perfect B2B telemarketing agency for your business. As far as it is concerned, there isn’t necessarily a perfect technique in choosing one but there are smart practices that will walk you through the process of doing so.

Know the telemarketing services you need.

Some of us have experienced buying stuff because they’re flashy. Only to feel the regret afterward because it dawned on us that we don’t really need it and that there’s another important thing that we should have bought. Hiring a B2B telemarketing agency immediately because they seem to be the best in town feels just like that. What sane B2B telemarketing agency will tell you that they’re not the best? However, have you had any actual use of their services? Do these services have managed to help you in achieving your business’ objectives so far? Take for example, for your lead generation, you may need database building, data profiling, lead qualifying, appointments setting and long-term lead nurturing services. There are B2B telemarketing agencies that offer such services and there are those who only provide expertise in a single area. B2B telemarketing agency selection becomes so much easier when you have a clear understanding of your business’ needs.

Inspect their compliance with the industry standards and regulations.

Nothing will compromise your company’s reputation faster than employing a telemarketing agency who is lenient in following industry standards and regulations. For instance, in Australia, NSW Government have regulations (Unsolicited Consumer Agreements) regarding calling customers without an invitation and in the USA, Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) National Do Not Call Registry empower costumers by giving them a choice whether to receive telemarketing calls at home. Telemarketing agencies who abide restrictions and rules do not only mean that they’re responsible but also put their clients’ and clients customer’s rights into consideration.

Consider looking over B2B marketing publications and events.

Arguably, B2B telemarketing agencies who are featured or used as a source in B2B marketing publications and who have spoken of and in marketing events are deemed to have quality in their performance. The positive recognition and the fact that they’re chosen to be a resource for the B2B marketing industry tells a lot about how they render their services to their clients. Moreover, this is an implication that they’re keeping up with the latest marketing trend and are into the consultative approach.

Examine their campaign development process.

Apparently, it’s going to be your telemarketing campaign and the results will affect your business. So you need to be able to know how they will establish and handle your campaign to bring it to fruition. Most practiced B2B telemarketing agencies have already their own devised methods. You just need to evaluate if these methods work best for your campaign.

Investigate about their telemarketers.

Figuratively speaking, your telemarketing campaigns are  like wars and the front line soldiers are going to be the telemarketers. If this is the case, do they have the necessary ammunition lock and loaded? Or if it all comes down to hand to hand combat, are they skilled enough to take it head on? It is important to gather information that will allow you to size up how qualified the callers are. What are their skill sets? Their experiences on the market your business is targeting? Their average tenure? Even their average age bracket? How are their performances tracked? Do they receive training for specific campaigns? Probe. Remember that your business will be represented by these people. Don’t settle for anything less.

Check their data quality.

There are B2B telemarketing agencies who offers pre-packaged database of different industries and at the same time, render database building service. If you are considering one, assess the quality of their database. What are the company size, location and revenue figures of the businesses found in their database? Are the contact details targeted and accurate? It’s impossible to extract quality leads from an inappropriate database. Another important thing to take note is data exclusivity. They should guarantee you that the database you have them built should be solely yours. The last thing you want is your database recycled and sold to other companies (or worst, to your competitors).

How to Handle the 3 Biggest Headaches Prospects Give You During Telemarketing Calls

How to Handle the 3 Biggest Headaches Prospects Give You During Telemarketing Calls

Dealing with different prospects is never a simple task. For telemarketers who have to do it all the time, it can be difficult to maintain a steady composure sometimes. Luckily, even though it’s not easy, keeping your cool isn’t impossible either. To help you stay in control when talking to challenging prospects, let’s take a look at the three common problems you typically encounter from prospects during telemarketing campaigns and discuss some proven ways to tackle them effectively.

  1. Prospect ignores your calls.
    You’ve been reaching out to a prospect for how many times now. But, to no avail. Apparently, your calls are being ignored. The best thing to do in this scenario is to find another way to connect with that particular prospect. Send your prospect a personalized email or, better yet, use the power of direct mail. This might bode well for your outreach efforts, especially for prospects who prefer email or other means of communication than telephone calls. If you still aren’t able to get a response after doing this, set another follow-up call for a few months out and try again.
  1. Prospect hangs up on your calls.
    Sometimes, your prospects aren’t entirely to blame for their behavior during a telemarketing call. In many cases, it’s probably something that you did or said that causes a prospect to prematurely end the call. How many times would you say have you tried to reach this prospect? Is it fair to say that you’re constantly being polite on the telephone? With a prospect like this, being assertive may actually aggravate the situation. The best thing to do is lay off this prospect because you were off to a bad start. Go after another person inside that company instead and this time, employ a low-pressure strategy like sending brochures or postcards. Or, you can simply direct your efforts somewhere else.
  1. Prospect badmouths you
    Mean prospects are sure to burst your bubble. However, you don’t fight fire with fire. Contemplate first. It might have something more to do with you than them. Take for example, calling at a bad time. Such times often draws out the worst in people and you’ve just presented yourself as a person they can vent off their frustration at. In such a case, you should genuinely apologize and acknowledge that you have been intrusive. This often lowers the tension. Since it’s clearly not a good time to talk, ask if it’s okay to call at another time. If the prospect agrees, that’s a good sign. Set up another schedule where you can ring them up. Otherwise, you certainly had gotten on the prospect’s bad side, and it’s either you let that prospect go, or you can pass him or her to a colleague (someone else in your team might have better luck dealing with that prospect).

So, there you have it, we’ve just gone through the three biggest problems prospects sometimes give you during telemarketing calls and, more importantly, we’ve taken a look at some ideas to help you work around these issues. No amount of rejected calls, hang-ups or mean words from prospects in your telemarketing campaigns should keep you from trying (well, unless facts and figures say so). Handling prospects is only as difficult as you allow it to be.