Lead Generation tip: Following the B.A.N.T Qualifying System is a Must

Lead Generation Tip- Following the B.A.N.T Qualifying System is a MustIdentifying whether the leads are Hot, Warm or Cold is essential for Marketers, Especially when Money is involved. But nevertheless, It’s not for certain whether this Leads will agree on your terms and agreement. Some can back out at the last minute or ask for a refund if they aren’t satisfied with your services and result.

Almost every marketing strategy that marketers use must follow the B.A.N.T system. Whether its Email marketing, Social Media Marketing or even Telemarketing, the B.A.N.T system should be prioritized.


B.A.N.T consists of four main factors that each lead must have.

Budget, Authority, Needs and Timeline.

Budget – If a lead can buy or have the budget to buy your service or product.

Authority – If the leads are the Decision-maker of the company or has given the power to make decisions by the one in-charge.

Needs – If they are in need of your services or product.

Timeline – If they have the time when they wish to make their purchase



As Email/Telemarketer, I could say that it needs to be modified, renew or added a few factors to its roster. These four are great at identifying whether the leads are Hot, Cold or Warm. But of course, you don’t have the knowledge, whether they will continue doing business with you when some results are invalid or they don’t meet what your clients demand of you.

But of course, as time pass by and the way we think changes over time it’s not for certain whether the B.A.N.T system is still going to be effective. That’s why many marketers are trying to come up with other alternative ways to identify whether the leads are Hot or Cold. Some marketers disregard some factors in the B.A.N.T system.


Well, the answer to this question may fall under Yes and No. Because, as I mention, Some disregard some factors in the B.A.N.T System. But of course, following this system ensure you that the lead that you are talking to or the prospects that are interested may fall under in the Lead category.

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