Loopholes in Strategic Marketing Habits

I just found an article in a famous marketing website in the web stating it has the seven habits of highly strategic marketers. So, when did we actually have a basis of good marketing habits? The title itself will give us a clue of how marketing strategy should be or at least they are trying to.

First on the line is Asking Why? Come on! Do we really have to answer the same question again and again? The question is redundant and does not stimulate our minds. Would you ask a donkey why it needs to eat?


No! that is right, in order to move we must do what we think we must and do it without any question.

Do you ask yourself why do you still wake up every day?

Oh brother, is this even a reasonable question?

Second is Justifying budget. I would agree at some point but not totally. Business owners are cheapskate and only few pay off their marketing team or invest a little in a sure fire application.

Everybody wants cheap but one must know how to pay off the right price and give some tip. Budgeting is practical but in reality, this is an excuse for those owners who will find a reason to belittle their team.

We move in accordance of what we deserve, but capitalism opposes this. And that is the undeniable reality.

Thirdly is measuring one’s work. Seriously? This is ridiculous in any point possible? Are we even on school if ever we come in marketing? Is this the habit you wanted your people to think that they are just nothing but number? Why do you think CSRs are quitting their job? Because they are measured according to their stat. why not make a habit that numbers are just numbers and their good work will pay off little sooner. This is the habit of capitalism and slavery in any vie of it. You don’t poke out people because of their grades.

Lastly, is about the customers the only that matters. Have we completely loose our minds on this? So in the end, your sale is the only important about the business? So what about your team, your facility and everything? Do that even matter? Again, capitalism is driving us to where we should not go.

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