Historically Viewing our E-mail Marketing

Perhaps the most common yet abandon lead generation strategy is the email marketing. While all alleys of lead generation running up and updated, email marketing has been all left behind beside the corner of marketing room. The emailing strategy of most common marketing and lead generating companies has been wide vast yet not used. Email surveys will decline by the end of the 21st century while different type of strategy will arise in the new dawn. Since email marketing is not dead yet, let us look on some strategic view and histories of email why it has been one of the popular type of marketing strategy.


Emailing has been developed way back in 1965, but it is more likely leaving a message on someone’s file director. Just like leaving a note on someone’s desk. These brought to the development of ARPAnet to develop the term mailbox. Since then email became famous and has been widely used by professional and business firms with it 600 million active users as of today. With the first email sent for marketing by Theurk, it resulted in 13million worth of sales.

Starting in 1991, the birth of the internet, emailing started to grow with the first introduction of smartphone in 1992. This created laws concerning the privacy of the consumers in US and European countries. The threat to spamming evolved and deficiency of report did not bring the emailing service to its fall. Even the flood of complaint in email on AOL did not render the service unworried. In 2005 framework in sender policy has been ratted out resulting in Windows Sender reputation data.

The first iPhone was introduced in 2009 by Apple Inc. thus brought Hotmail Sweep in 2010. DMA reports 85% of email marketers segment their lists in 2012. Reports of eMarketers revealed the advantage of automation in conversion rate as high 50% in 2012. The same year Asend2 said that professionals agree email is the most effective strategy in marketing tactic.


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