5 Shocking Mistakes killing you Email Marketing


Email marketing, as they say, has been the most commonly used type of communication before the 21st century. The computer generated communication massively affects the wide use of email especially in marketing. The days of writing in a piece of paper are somehow gone in the wind and the days of writing with a type writer has been buried in the sand. So, in this electronic age, marketing in b2b too are making mistakes. Mistakes of which we can prevent if proper knowledge and practice will be implemented with our email marketers.

We have compiled 5 mistakes of which an email marketing nowadays are doing.

  1. Sending Single Email –sending an email with a single template will ruin the opportunity to sell the product/service properly. There is no limit as to what kind of email you may want to send your prospects. You can choose from different email strategy such sending newsletters, brochures, ebooks, and video enable emails. Trying different types of email will leverage your ability to promote your service.
  2. No A/B Testing =this is true in single sent out emails, but it does not mean that if you’re going to send multiple email, you are not compel to test both emails which of which are working. The A/B testing is a method that enables you to see which email format runs the best.
  3. Provide too Many Choices –in the content of your email, you should avoid putting in too much details about your service or putting in too much offers. Try a little less.
  4. Not Segmenting emails- segmenting or editing email content. This is in line with single sent out email. Editing the content of email will make it sound that you are not spamming.
  5. Overuse Image- image can contribute to the content. But it will ruin too if your image is as big as a billboard forced into a single space format. Minimize the use of email, and try gifs too. It works.

To survive in b2b marketing industry, one should know how to take good care of each channel and doing it right can improve results that you have always been waiting.


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