Psychographic Segmentation in B2B marketing

There are many ways to kill a chicken. There are many ways too, to categorize, identify, and segment your target audience in B2C marketing. B2C marketing use psychographic segmentation in their marketing advantage, but how about in B2B marketing? Is there any advantage or value in using psychographic segmentation in prospecting? Let see how it can be of any value.


According to Miriam-Webster, psychographics is “market research or statistics classifying population groups according to psychological variables (as attitudes, values, or fears).” So this is true in B2C marketing wherein measurement of one’s emotional and attitudinal value can be segmented properly. But how about we take this into business industry? Should this accommodate the understanding of how business behaves because they consists of many individual and not just only one?

In an organization, most of the individual follows a certain values, traits and understanding driven by those decision-makers from their top. For this reason, one way or another you can already scope up the variable of which the corporate will likely to divulge into. Psychographic is the understanding of emotional content of an individual, in the same sense, it will also take you to the understanding of how an organization treats their individual companion. Organizations molds what kind of environment of the individual will follow, but determining this you can simply pour it into action.

For example, if you have a prospects from a food industry. They are likely to be inclined to food terms, sanitary conditions and the like. And the best part of this is you can simply engage an interaction that contextually centered into the food industry.

Another one is how an individual decide base on the company he/she is working. A prospect working in a Technological Solution may not like a content that focus on marketing but focus on how digital solution in 2015 works. You can make it sound that both parties are standing on the same ground.

Lastly, psychographic segmentation helps marketers determine their appropriate moves. B2B marketing must use this well not only to get leads but also builds and understand how relationships works.

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