Data Driven Marketing Decisions

Machine cognition has been continuously increasing massively in a lot avenues of technology. Most probably business articles are now written using a spell checker. Our mail inbox automatically sort out spam messages.

Thinking machine can be observed in Facebook recommendations and websites that make suggestions about your predictive interests and hobbies.


In the realm of marketing, machine learning will deliver us a comprehensive way to understand how a customer buy their product. It will actually guide the massive amount of data that is suspended in the web and marketers will just have to grab it and make a sense out of it with different touch points and customer attitude.

Rather than manually handling the customer’s intentions, marketers can make use of data to analyze and produce a clear image of how customer is driven to what he/she wants or see or do.

Doing so, machine learning uses NLP or Natural Language Processing that will help in marketing, NLP analyzes content based upon themes and topics and will be categorize to the types of content and understand people who are interested in them.

For example, content could be categorize as either b2B or B2C It could be branch into different alley like ‘personalization’, ‘technology’, ‘health’ and ‘tips.’

The customer will open a website and will begin to navigate through the content and the machine will analyze its clicks. The machine will understand how in particular the customer does is interested on its topic and will make a material to which he/she will likely to respond the best.

Through this, marketers can now begin to target them by segmenting emails, advertising promotions, downloads or coupons.

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