Basic Queries in Telemarketing

Basic Queries in Telemarketing

In each call by your telemarketing agent, one critical thing should be inquired. Why be so inquisitive? Would it be a truly good idea for you to keep asking similar questions in every call you got? Would it be alright for it to be all about your product, service or solution? Would it be preferable for it to sound like not all that pushy towards the recipient’s part? All things considered, data dependably originates from questions. Data is the center of the business in B2B marketing. Without asking, you’ll never grasp what will happen.

In telemarketing, you should not be weary of requesting for referrals, up-selling and obviously, inquiring as to whether is there anything else you can do for your prospect. It doesn’t just simply end in getting a single sale. You have to ask for referrals. Otherwise, it’s much the same as leaving cash on your way up.

In this regard, business owners might need to subject their telemarketer for monitoring. This is to guarantee that their conversation contains those fundamental inquiries for quality purposes. However, don’t be so tight on them. Keep in mind that they still hold the ability to get these data.

Asking comes with a package. It’s listening. Listening to your prospect is an equally vital aspect of the business. More than your product, service or solution, your business’ integrity per se is the one you should sell. Because when they buy from you, you likely sold them “yourself’ and not your product, service or solution. Customers purchase from individuals they appreciate, trust and acknowledge. Telemarketers will close more sales if they have the capacity listen to the client and offer them what they need and want instead of just going in on what’s available for sale; Transforming the call into a “How may I help you?” rather than a “Here’s my (product/service/solution)! Please buy some.”

12 Best Practices To Do When Choosing a B2B Telemarketing Agency (2 of 2)

12 Best Practices To Do When Choosing a B2B Telemarketing Agency (2 of 2)

Check their data quality.

There are B2B telemarketing agencies who offers pre-packaged database of different industries and at the same time, render database building service. If you are considering one, assess the quality of their database. What are the company size, location and revenue figures of the businesses found in their database? Are the contact details targeted and accurate? It’s impossible to extract quality leads from an inappropriate database. Another important thing to take note is data exclusivity. They should guarantee you that the database you have them built should be solely yours. The last thing you want is your database recycled and sold to other companies (or worst, to your competitors).

Evaluate their technology and technical support.

Can they conveniently export and import data? What is their process in terms of integrating client’s CRM and marketing automation solution? Can their technology monitor, listen in to and review telemarketer calls? Do they have the capacity to do real-time reporting? Have they implemented a technology where there has been a decrease in their costs or increase in their clients’ satisfaction? The efficiency of a B2B telemarketing agency’s technology and technical support allows you to optimize and not waste your resources.

Contact references and referrals.

B2B telemarketing agencies who have established a good relationship with their past or existing clients are not afraid to give you information about them as references. Talk to them. Ask what are their experiences in working with that particular B2B telemarketing agency. Have they encounter issues? If they have, what are those? How did the agency deal with it? Also, you can tap people from your professional network for referrals.

Send a Request for Proposal (RFP) and evaluate response based on fixed criteria

You can further narrow down or even finally get to choose one from your B2B telemarketing agency prospects by distributing RFPs. First, you need to lay out details about your business profile, status quo, requirements, and expectations. You can follow this up with standard queries for these agencies such as company profile, financial standing, telemarketing experience, account management team, etc. But you can also include questions on areas you like more information on (i.e. agents and staffs, training, technology, recommendations, etc.). Putting criteria for each question will help you identify the prospects or prospect that distinctly comes together with your needs. With this, evaluating their response when you receive them will be so much simpler.

Go to their websites and ask for a sales call.

This will serve as your surprise attack. What better way to verify whether they’re good as what they claim to be through a first-hand account? Take a glimpse on the level of their promptness, telemarketing skills and professionalism on the initial conversation. If they cannot convince you to pick them over the phone, then most likely, they’ll struggle to try to persuade your target market.

Clarify their process on caller designation and lead turnover.

Opt for a B2B telemarketing agency that will designate permanent callers to your campaign. This is to ensure that they will be able to focus on your project and hopefully, become even better at their tasks the longer they stay on your campaign. Such can result in an increase in your ROI. In addition, take into consideration how they will manage lead turnover to your own internal sales team. Unestablished turnover procedures will be a bad investment.

Do a site visit.

Whether you have narrowed down or already selected an agency, doing a site visit is important before giving the final decision. While you are there, meet all the people that are likely to be involved in your campaign. Do they live up to the professionalism, knowledge, and expertise they claim in their RFP? Are you comfortable with communicating with them? How about the environment? What did you observe in terms of agents to supervisor ratios? Culture? Employee engagement? Sure, you can talk on the phone with them, but it can’t really equal the experience of actually seeing the call center in action.

Selecting a B2B telemarketing agency is often a difficult, tedious and time-consuming process but so is the way towards successful campaigns and ultimately, to a successful business.

12 Best Practices To Do When Choosing a B2B Telemarketing Agency (1 of 2)

12 Best Practices To Do When Choosing a B2B Telemarketing Agency (1 of 2)

Objectives, substantial knowledge, and strategy are important things that will help you in coming up with the best possible decision in looking for the perfect B2B telemarketing agency for your business. As far as it is concerned, there isn’t necessarily a perfect technique in choosing one but there are smart practices that will walk you through the process of doing so.

Know the telemarketing services you need.

Some of us have experienced buying stuff because they’re flashy. Only to feel the regret afterward because it dawned on us that we don’t really need it and that there’s another important thing that we should have bought. Hiring a B2B telemarketing agency immediately because they seem to be the best in town feels just like that. What sane B2B telemarketing agency will tell you that they’re not the best? However, have you had any actual use of their services? Do these services have managed to help you in achieving your business’ objectives so far? Take for example, for your lead generation, you may need database building, data profiling, lead qualifying, appointments setting and long-term lead nurturing services. There are B2B telemarketing agencies that offer such services and there are those who only provide expertise in a single area. B2B telemarketing agency selection becomes so much easier when you have a clear understanding of your business’ needs.

Inspect their compliance with the industry standards and regulations.

Nothing will compromise your company’s reputation faster than employing a telemarketing agency who is lenient in following industry standards and regulations. For instance, in Australia, NSW Government have regulations (Unsolicited Consumer Agreements) regarding calling customers without an invitation and in the USA, Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) National Do Not Call Registry empower costumers by giving them a choice whether to receive telemarketing calls at home. Telemarketing agencies who abide restrictions and rules do not only mean that they’re responsible but also put their clients’ and clients customer’s rights into consideration.

Consider looking over B2B marketing publications and events.

Arguably, B2B telemarketing agencies who are featured or used as a source in B2B marketing publications and who have spoken of and in marketing events are deemed to have quality in their performance. The positive recognition and the fact that they’re chosen to be a resource for the B2B marketing industry tells a lot about how they render their services to their clients. Moreover, this is an implication that they’re keeping up with the latest marketing trend and are into the consultative approach.

Examine their campaign development process.

Apparently, it’s going to be your telemarketing campaign and the results will affect your business. So you need to be able to know how they will establish and handle your campaign to bring it to fruition. Most practiced B2B telemarketing agencies have already their own devised methods. You just need to evaluate if these methods work best for your campaign.

Investigate about their telemarketers.

Figuratively speaking, your telemarketing campaigns are  like wars and the front line soldiers are going to be the telemarketers. If this is the case, do they have the necessary ammunition lock and loaded? Or if it all comes down to hand to hand combat, are they skilled enough to take it head on? It is important to gather information that will allow you to size up how qualified the callers are. What are their skill sets? Their experiences on the market your business is targeting? Their average tenure? Even their average age bracket? How are their performances tracked? Do they receive training for specific campaigns? Probe. Remember that your business will be represented by these people. Don’t settle for anything less.

Check their data quality.

There are B2B telemarketing agencies who offers pre-packaged database of different industries and at the same time, render database building service. If you are considering one, assess the quality of their database. What are the company size, location and revenue figures of the businesses found in their database? Are the contact details targeted and accurate? It’s impossible to extract quality leads from an inappropriate database. Another important thing to take note is data exclusivity. They should guarantee you that the database you have them built should be solely yours. The last thing you want is your database recycled and sold to other companies (or worst, to your competitors).

For B2B Start-ups: Content Marketing Tips

B2B content marketing is one of the marketing strategies that levels the playing field between big and small B2B companies. Moreover, it’s among inbound marketing’s foundation that is both efficient and economical. B2B businesses have continuously made it one of their  top priorities in establishing a more noticeable online presence and in producing leads.Related image

Here are some tips for B2B neophytes out there.

Start and play to your strength.

Novices in B2B content marketing usually gets overpowered by the sheer differing qualities of strategies to select from. As a matter of fact, the average company utilizes 8 B2B content marketing strategies – from articles, blogs, social media, podcasts, videos, ebooks, and so forth. The key is to discover a strategy you’re great at and fire away from there.

Have the right mindset.

Handley and Chapman state in their book (Content Rules, 2012), that in order to prevail in B2B content marketing, you need to take on a similar mindset as a “publishing company”. This entails that you need to routinely make and share content as well as prepare in advance. It is also important to note that other than substance, consistency is an imperative in B2B content marketing.

Visibility matters.

Your content ought to be simple for your target audience to find and for search engines to detect. You can utilize an assortment of tools. Take for example, publicizing your content through social networking sites or social bookmarking and employing SEO optimization strategies. This is to ensure that your content also reaches individuals outside your network or online community.

Distribute a valuable content.

Did you know that people have lesser attention span than a goldfish? 8 seconds to 9 seconds! Thus, content you distribute should be short and sweet. This is a good strategy particularly when you’re insinuating for a call to action, like inviting people to sign up for your newsletter subscription, follow your blog or social media posts, and etc.

Reimagine, don’t just recycle.

Despite the fact that it’s tolerable to recycle existing content, it is suggested to introduce the same content in a different manner. For instance, if you have a posted video of yourself speaking in a conference, transcribe and post it as a blog entry.

Curate your content now!

7 Qualities that Sums Up a Pro B2B Email Marketer

Image result

Email marketing was never dead (Will it ever?). In fact, in the case of B2B marketing, email is still the most popular lead generation channel of all time. With that being said, there is always a tight race among B2B email marketers and in the constant sum game of email campaigns, some are going to be in bane for losing while others will enjoy the momentary boon of winning.

But what makes a mean B2B email marketer?

The answer is indefinite and subjective. Moreover, there are other factors that contribute to a successful email marketing; active contact list management, significant content curation, timing, and frequency, etc. Nonetheless, let’s look at this 7 powerful character attributes that likely makes a professional B2B email marketer, attaining an efficient email marketing.

  1. Organized. The ability to lay out things in their appropriate place and sequence is vital in operating B2B email campaigns. Organization and planning skills is a must especially that tasks such as maintenance of contact list segmentation, content mapping, message prioritization, schedules of activities, etc. confront email marketers on a daily basis.
  2. Rigorous. Having a sharp eye for details transforms common email marketers into experts. Each facet of an email campaign – contacts list management, content development, email scheme, testing/assessment, and so forth – needs a level of painstaking quality and consideration from planning to implementation.
  3. Creative. Creativity in B2B email marketing does not only mean coming up with unique and interesting email content but also the capacity to provide innovative solutions to campaign hitches or your prospect’s business. What better way to hook your B2B prospects but by telling them what’s in it for them?
  4. Cordial. Leads are not the only one that should be warm. The aptitude to extend the human touch in bulk email communication is another power that skillful B2B email marketers harness. The art of email personalization is a decisive element that sets up a connection with your B2B prospects straight from your contact list. Correspondingly, sparking that connection can be difficult (even impossible) without interpersonal and synergistic skills.
  5. Time-sensitive. B2B email marketers who have a forte for timing, frequency and consistency in sending emails are promising to generate above-average results.
  6. Logical. Email campaigns are constantly inundated with measurements and metrics. Comprehension of these data is an essential ingredient for coming up with the most relevant decisions. Respectively, professional B2B email marketers are excellent in drawing out sound judgment by following a logical thought process with facts and figures as the basis.
  7. Goal-oriented. Outstanding B2B email campaign managers have a nearly common propensity to be driven by goals and moving in the direction of attaining results. They have a good command on measuring and pulling off accomplishments in their overall projects and also each campaign facets to boot.

You’re on the right path if you have these seven words associated with your character. Otherwise, keep on working at it. After all, email marketing is a continuous learning process. Every day is an opportunity of growth and development.


Finding the Perfect List Provider Doesn’t Have to Be a Struggle

Finding the Perfect List Provider Doesn’t Have to Be a StruggleUtilizing a business contact list might be very valuable to any business that needs to reach more prospects and enhance their rate of closing sales. Nonetheless, the viability of any business contact list additionally rests upon the endeavors of those that produced the leads out of it. Regardless of how stuffed that business contact list is with leads, it would be rendered useless if the business contact list provider you purchase it from does not stress on the standard of their generated leads and just put them squarely into their database just to build up their lead tally. This should not be the case. You need to search a decent business contact list and database provider.

Although seeking out the right provider is additionally a difficult task per se as the market is now overflowing with this type of business. Still, figuring out who you ought to purchase your business contact list from is significant. So, how will you know who to pick to purchase what you require? There are two things we’d like you to consider; staff and equipment & facilities.

A business contact list provider would be incapacitated without their staff. Of course. They are the ones who produce the leads, clean and maintain the database and keep them leads fresh. If their staff aren’t up to skill level worthy of merit, then you can presume that their business contact list is a reflection. Always go for the provider with staffs of caliber!

The significance of equipment in doing lead generation goes without saying. Having prime equipment possible guarantees the avoidance of choppy lines and postponements when speaking with prospects. This will keep their proficiency in check and can signify that they are taking their jobs and the quality of their service seriously. The same can be said with regard to their facilities. The place they operate in is additionally a piece of something to deliberate as the environment their staff work in likewise influence to their work disposition.

The right contact list provider for your business can be elusive on occasion. However, there are considerations like the aforementioned that can guide you in figuring out the provider that is a perfect fit for you.

Savvy Businesses Do these Steps Before Starting a Telemarketing Campaign

Savvy Businesses Do these Steps Before Starting a Telemarketing Campaign

Strategic telemarketing campaigns won’t settle for an indiscriminate “give-telemarketers-call-lists-and-be-done-with-it”. Sure, it’s a long and tedious process before one can say that a telemarketing campaign is a success. However, smart businesses know that and just like a soldier getting ready for battle, also prepares in order to get a smooth sailing telemarketing campaign.

Setting Objectives

Set objectives for your campaign. The results driven by these objectives should be quantifiable. Take for example, building up a data to qualify prospects or clients with your business offers or pulling their name out to update your contact database.

Preparing Call Lists

Secure your call lists. Having a good one can really help you nail down leads and conversion. If you acquire a third party list, there are instances where you have to allot telemarketing resources to fix some inaccuracy in it. With businesses moving around, businessmen changing positions or quitting their companies, such inaccuracy is inevitable. But with a good contact list provider? I doubt whether you still need to do some fixing.

 Creating a Script

Of course, your telemarketers would need a script – a well-constructed one. Scripts help them what to say because it provides various scenarios a call can take. It also guides them to incorporate qualifying questions at the onset of the call so that they can end up the call immediately. However, not before asking the client if they know someone who would be interested in your proposal.

Training your Telemarketers

Distinguish service or product marketing and selling education necessary for your telemarketers’ effectivity. You can also leverage this manpower to come up with or improve scripts by collecting unexpected inquiries or issues that transpired in their calls.

Gauging your Telemarketing Activities

Telemarketing campaigns can be quite resource-intensive so monitoring its expenses and viability is a must. Different aspects such as the length of your script, the market awareness of your business, and even barriers that prevent you from reaching decision makers like voice mails or executive assistants are connected to your success rate.

Don’t ever grope in your telemarketing campaign. This will reflect on your business as a whole.

Don’t Try Cold Calling Without Considering These 3 Factors

Don’t Try Cold Calling Without Considering These 3 Factors

Cold calling means reaching out to prospects without notifying them in order to propose a product service. It had been said that cold calling has given telemarketing a bad name. It’s as if telemarketers would stop at nothing, pounding through their contact list for the sake of conversion. But I daresay, this only applies to businesses that do not value sensitivity and rules in cold calling. Fundamental factors are often taken for granted resulting in unsuccessful cold calls.

Preparing for the Cold Call

Preparation is the fundamental of all fundamental. Right? It’s a preliminary activity you have to undergo in order to achieve a goal at basically anything. Before cold calling, get yourself together. Clear your mind and take your confidence up a notch. Practice your pitch. Research what you can about your B2B prospect in order to build a mutual understanding.

Asking Prospect’s Permission

Before jumping in on your pitch, do not neglect the etiquette of asking permission. There are instances where you call a B2B prospect and it’s simply not the best time for him/her to talk to you. Politely ask for a time where it’s appropriate to call again.

Getting Prospects’ Interest

You don’t have all day to talk with your prospect. Make sure that you make an appeal at the onset of the call. After introducing yourself and your business, employ concise, assertive statements or offers that will sit well with your B2B prospect (like increase in revenues). Do not forget to ask questions that will help you distinguish your B2B prospect needs in relation to your business. If truth be told, profound mastery in talking to them isn’t such a big deal. You just have to know the art of making B2B prospects comprehend why should they demand and purchase the service you are proposing and how great your business in what it does. Make your B2B prospect see the sense of working with your business.

If this cold call results to a B2B lead, guide your prospect genially down the conversion procedures. Make sure to give details of these procedures and catch up on any arrangements you bring about.


The Manifestation of Traditional Sales Strategies in Telemarketing

A lot of traditional sales strategies are still used in telemarketing. Some of these strategies are even used by professionals from different fields of discipline in persuading others. Or, you might have use them yourselves. Let us explore them! Read more

What you should do and avoid when generating Lead

Prospects can spend hours, days or even weeks researching for goods and services that meet their needs at their budget price. Lead generators serve the important function of connecting customers and advertisers. Acquiring Leads can be done by capturing a potential client who took an interest in your product, topic or service. These leads helps the development of the advertiser’s sales pipeline. Since the rise of online and social media marketing, this technique has undergone drastic changes. By using these easy-to-follow do’s and Don’ts of lead generation can improve your marketing plan by storm.

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