What you should do and avoid when generating Lead

Prospects can spend hours, days or even weeks researching for goods and services that meet their needs at their budget price. Lead generators serve the important function of connecting customers and advertisers. Acquiring Leads can be done by capturing a potential client who took an interest in your product, topic or service. These leads helps the development of the advertiser’s sales pipeline. Since the rise of online and social media marketing, this technique has undergone drastic changes. By using these easy-to-follow do’s and Don’ts of lead generation can improve your marketing plan by storm.

What you should do: Start off with a Plan!-Start with an effective plan that includes your objectives, target audience, pain points, and industry trends. The plan should be used by all and to all, which can include a combination or outsourced and in-house resources.

What you should avoid: Using only one strategy – The most successful programs utilize many strategies to nurture leads including email, websites and social media.

What you should do: Tend to your Leads – While in the buying process, you need to build relationships with your qualified leads. Reach out to potential customers, greet and engage them whether it be in person, through emails or phone calls.

What you should avoid: Focusing only in standard measurement techniques – Take a more refined approach to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Approach for tracking leads need to go beyond open rates and click-through rates.


What you should do: Creating applicable content –Majority of marketers find that the most effective, and most challenging, lead generation strategy is creating an on-topic content. With a touch of Personalize and compelling message can help to nurture specific audience/ leads as they move through buying stages.

What you should avoid: Using the wrong channel or platform – Find out where your customers are assembling and use only those sites. Being inactive on too many social media platforms can also hurt your business.

What you should do: Understanding your target audience – You must understand how, when and why your customers took a liking to your product.

What you should avoid: Neglecting platforms such as social media and mobile – Nowadays, Everyone is using smartphones. So make sure every strategy you use, is mobile-friendly, whether it be email or website. Even if everyone will seldom be on social media, you should still create a presence increases visibility for your brand.

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