7 Ways to Generate Leads (And how you get more) Part 4

7 Ways to Generate Leads (And how you get more) Part 4Generating leads play a vital role in the sale process, we all know that marketers needs to collect as many leads as possible with the use of various method, it can be online and off, for them to find more prospects and client. But the goal is to collect as many addresses (Emails) and phone numbers as possible.

I’ve already posted three ways and now I’ll be sharing you two more ways in generating leads and that’s: using surveys and participating in events.


Surveys doesn’t really helped you generate leads, but it can help you KNOW what prospects are searching for. Remember that not all industries can cater some industry, that’s why some companies expand their business that can cater to all. Some, retain their original company name with added word, but their industry is far different that the original company.

By using surveys, you can gather information that can help you think of a way for you generate leads. But of course, leads don’t grow on trees and leads doesn’t stand on the same place overnight. So you must be quick in order to get that information you wanted.


We all know that in business events we can get as many leads as possible. Due to the fact that some business owners might take interest in your product or service, but in social gathering like family-reunion, High school reunion, and any other social gathering. We can really be sure if we can really get leads. The way Social Gathering is usually goes, one can’t help but wonder “Will there be any possible prospects here?” or “Is this a good time to talk about business?”

Surveys and Events can be both be used at the same time. It just takes a creative mind to think of a way so that you can really generate leads in a social gathering.

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